Thursday, March 31, 2016

Both ends of a wet area

We be making a bathroom that will also double as a greenhouse.

so we start with GREEN waterproofing compound

and away we go

tiling takes patience

and preparation

did I mention prep? each glass tile is numbered to fit it's exact place

so that they all finish neatly at the ends

got bored tiling. built a shelf for the laundry

the grout storm before the calm

days it did take

When all is said and done, our waste will go down these expensive holes.

3200L septic tank

NO, not a swimming pool. 18m2 of bloody sand filter

jello bath??

20mm then 7mm rock

here come the magic sand.

waiting for the last geo fabric to arrive.

 And you might think that is all it takes to process waste from only twopeople. But NO. There are still 2 sub surface, dosed irrigation fields to install. And we need to get the EHO to sign off, too. More on that later.

while the plumbers plumbed, I got funky with the grinder
cos our rocks don't have straight edges

moments like these make it worthwhile...:)


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A few pics per week...

...and I might even catch up to the real timeline one day. Here's the next set:

raw shards of glass ...

... arranged into patterns ...

... become glass tiles for the bathroom

rockin bedhead needed resetting

why buy trims from the Big Green Shed?

it's heaps more fun trying to get bendy sticks to look sort of straight

a little encouragement from the right tools helps

each board takes hours to process

from this raw stock

helping hands keeping us moving along

who'd ever want smelly mdf?
these bits are for a secret portal

tile maestro at work

Enjoy folks. More fun to come some time soon.