Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Building a better back.

Continued concern from all of you well wishers has been heartening, so it's health update time. Apologies for any tardiness in posting this...

I went to see the neurosurgeon some 3 weeks ago and they did some prodding and poking, asked a heap of questions and declared that I had no need of their services. Yay. I get the all-clear ... they aint gunna / don't wanna cut me to pieces ... phew. I've been secretly concerned that I'd wrecked myself so badly that the flesh mechanics would want to slice and dice and tinker with the tricky bits of my neural pathways.

Close exposure to many who've undergone spinal operations has left me vary wary of such intrusive procedures. Of the 6 people that I know who have received spinal fusions, 3 are utter success stories. The other half, though, face a lifetime of failed back syndrome. 50/50 are not great odds in my book. Thankfully, I'll not have to roll those dice. Instead, I get the more conservative gamble of daily stretching, strengthening, rest and respite.

Week by week, I am definitely getting better. Pain is reducing, movement and strength is increasing and I am able to achieve more and more. But is is all happening ... very ... very ... slowly. And some days are far better than others. A bit like real, you know, "valid" life (as opposed to my current invalid status!). I grab strength from whatever little wins that I can: an extra half hour up and about; an extra repetition or extension in exercises; being able to cook an entire dinner; driving all the way to our beautiful hideaway, etc. Soon, I should be able to become a valuable member of society again...

Wait...this blog was intended to be all about building our paradise, not my gruelling rehab. Mmmmmm, building, where are we? As before, main house is on stop but we've spent a little time recently fixing up the shed. Our lovely new slab is unfortunately a bit proud of the stumps near the door ways, so Dana had to file out the latch holes on the roller door to allow it to close. That was the easy bit. Access door has been a bit trickier. I'd originally hung this about 10mm low and just ground off the bit of stump that fouled it's movement. However, new slab is a further 10-15mm proud of original height, so we've had to take the door off and remount it to open outwards. Me talking, pointing, demonstrating. Dana listening, trialling, doing. If nothing else, our communication channels are strengthening.

Next step is to finish the tank stand, roll into place and mount the tanks and get them plumbed together. We also have to get flashing on the roof soon. After, or around, that we will have to get our favourite rock(star) back to finish the walls. There is no budget for it but neither is there a budget for non-completion. Scrounging and scrimping will be the order of the day.

Bring on our Strathbogan existence...


  1. Great to hear you're on the mend, and that you get to pass on the scalpel. keep on plugging away and you'll be juggling joists again before too long!

    How're the pumpkins going?


  2. I bet you wanted to leap up, kiss the neurosurgeon and do a dance of happiness!! Great news!! As always 3 cheers for Dana too, filing latch holes and remounting doors!! Very cool!!

  3. Cheers P & R. Feeling better again today. Woot.

    Dana made pumpkin soup just last night. 'twas choice. My turn tonight...