Friday, September 30, 2011

b.b.b. in print part 2...

Well, response from far and wide about my very first Owner Builder article has been very positive. Thanks for all ye kind wurdz and support.

Building Diary part 2 is in the can and should hit the streets any day now (issue 167 - October / November 2011). This installment details the design process that we went through while working out what to do with our house. It's a little more heady than the first article but I think it important to share what we've learned. So, if you can, get down to the newsagent and help support my favorite periodical.

I've been working away furiously on the next piece and will let you all know when it is off at the printers. Meanwhile, I lie in wait for Dana to arrive home from work, so that we can head up bush tonight and survey whatever damage happened during the wild storms this week.

We also have to acid wash the work of the 'new and improved' rocklayers who finished up all of the rockwork last week. We are under way again...yay!

More on that coming soon.



  1. Acid wash reminds me of the jeans I wore in the 80's. Fingers crossed there's been no damage!!

  2. Hehe - I had the same thought. However, I was never seen dead in those things.