Monday, February 28, 2011

Bits n Pieces

This post is to clean up a few loose ends and catch up again. Before Dana and I changed over the bracing, I dug another hole. SW downpipe had a temporary drain that ran beside the slab. It was done in a hurry weeks ago but outflow was cutting into subsoil next to slab - not good. So, out came the pick and shovels and new pipe extended to underground ag-pipe drain.

dug another hole

filled it in before the water could

Forgot to include photos of our re-bracing efforts. Here ya go:

above head-banging height

oooooooh, curvy

like a wee forest really
I'd had an old mate on the case for some time regarding supply of strawbales. He comes from a long line of hay farmers and had a few people clued up on cutting and baling to our requirements (fully dry, no seed, well compacted). Unfortunately, we've had one of the wettest spring / summer periods on record and not just around our site. The entire Eastern side of Oz has been deluged constantly over the last few months. This picture (before cyclone Yasi in QLD and 800mm!!! in Darwin area) kind of sums it all up (apologies to original author - I don't know who you are but you're brilliant):

Anyway, the end result of this constant moisture has meant that almost all of the hay/straw crop this year is rubbish. OK for feeding to animals but not much good for building. Back on the phone for a while to try and work out where in this country we might find apt bales...even looking well interstate. Craig from Hunters (it sure pays to have good relations with the local ag shop!) put me onto a few farmers who might be able to help out. Most said sorry-all-wet-or-full-of-weeds but found one who was sitting on large pile from last season...YAY, we're saved. This guy John has even agreed to hold them for us while we get ready (read: finish internal blockwork, if not framing as well) to get them onsite. He's contemplating building hi own strawbale house, so I've offered to help him out with advice on that.

Me dang ol' leg has been killing me...this sciatica comes and goes but it is getting almost constant. When warmed up, I can keep going for ages but cooled down - ouch. Particularly bad is sitting in the I sat in the car for 2 hours to come back to Melbourne for a massage!

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