Thursday, March 10, 2011

Finishing the internal rockwork

So the big fella came back and we got back on with laying the rest of the internal rocks. It took another 6 days but we had a set deadline to meet. My Ma was selling her house in Northcote on the Saturday, so I had to be offsite by Friday night and Steve needed to get on to another job. We estimated pretty correctly and timed it to finish midday on the Friday.

bogger & dressing areas rockage
East bedroom wall...
...and around the SE corner
long shot of SE corner

We used blockwork where the back of the bedroom storage / corner of pantry will be (as there was no real point in wasting good rock where it wont be seen) and that went in quickly compared to rockwork. As it was, we put some pretty good bigguns in the rest of the pantry and laundry.

most of S bedroom wall - now with extra blocks
a concrete block a day keeps the doctor away...?
I love the look of this stuff when wet

I have fond memories of my grandma's bluestone house in Warrandyte and a great mental image is that of heavy rockwork behind the shelving. Anyway, there are a fair few little beauties that wont be on daily display so I gotta suck it up and move on.

laundry and pantry. prolly wont see these much but I know that they're there.

Had a fair bit of cleaning up to do so an arvo off from sorting, mixing, shovelling, laying and pointing got things sorted. Unfortunately, we had to miss out on collecting heaps more trailer loads of big rocks. Steve's back was getting niggly and my sciatica was becoming near unbearable. Anyway, two old sooks moaned and groaned until we got to the back door. Still needs a little bit of fill work behind the face rocks but that can come later.

how much difference an hour or two on the broom makes
looks almost orderly

Back in Melbourne, Ma sold the house OK and we cracked a bubbly to celebrate.


I then booked into the doctors and went for another massage. installment has some big news...stay tuned...


  1. The house is looking amazing!! I used to suffer a lot from sciatica until I got orthotics. The pain is nasty!! Phil says no pain no gain, from the couch, with his feet up, miles from being able to help lug rocks. Looking forward to the big news!
    Cheers, Rach and Phil

  2. Rachel,

    Thanks for the encouragement. Thanks also on the couch can be a pretty hard gig. Unfortunately, the news aint great.