Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Good news...times 3.

Here's a quick note to share some love. Council building inspector just came to tick off the framing work. We've been given the all clear on our framing. Even better, he said that our work is "excellent". I'm chuffed.

I've decided that I will not apologise any more for tardiness on blog posting. I'm busy building (and loving it) and will update when I get a chance. No more, no less... Next update will see heaps of pics of timber framing, the joys of a tree change relocation, a bit of tool talk and whatever else I think up. It will be online soon..

My eye has healed up well ("it's only a flesh wound"). And for those who have asked: yes, I was wearing all the PPE gear (muffs, goggles, mask, steelcaps and kneepads). Just got a little unlucky...

Good cheer #3: these ramblings received an honourable mention in Renew magazine "blog of the year" competition. Woot...

Finally, we are inviting all and sundry to assist in stacking straw bales over Easter. If you are keen, leave a note in the comments and I'll contact you with details.



  1. Congrats for the honorable mention, This is by far my favourite building house from rocks and mud blog.

  2. :) Thanks.
    As is yours my favorite making quilts and stuff out of funky materials blog.