Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thanks for all the fish...

Here's a quick thanks to all who made the trek to our Bogie Wonderland over Easter to help stack bales. We were quite amazed at how hard everyone worked and how much we got done with the available bodies. We were / are also overjoyed at constantly seeing so many smiles. Dana's cheeks still hurt! A few people also report some sore and forgotten muscles! We are glad to save you some gym time.

I'll do a full update one day soon but, in the meantime, here's a teaser...

Thanks again.


  1. Johnno and Dana,

    Looks like you had a hard working Easter. Congratulations on getting the walls up, it's really coming together!!!

    All the best from us over here. Keep going, get that mud up on 'em.

    Love Dave, Fran, Ruby and Merrick.

  2. Thanks folks. It was, and is, fun.
    Now, back to flinging mud...

  3. Awesome!! Chocolate Easter eggs sure get people fired up!

  4. wish to visit such a great.........