Saturday, February 20, 2016

Been only a few minutes this time...

I've forced myself to have a day off the tools today. It has been 70-80 hours of slog per week for as long as I can remember. So, while the muscles relax a bit, the mouse fingers are twitching. Here's a few more pics.


precision joinery

one by one...
...until we have a big stack to sand, oil and fit

all window frames trimmed and ready for the next coat of render

the taping off to keep the lime off the timber
messy but fun

east wall coat #2

Dana cleaning up the Sth bed wall

We work in all climes

I made a forest with forest products

custom hangers for sliding doors

doors fitted

And then we finally got glass

it's shiny!

and pretty

but, most of all, it keeps the elements out

Because all this white stuff turned up 2 days later

More when I find spare time && feel like it...


  1. It's great to see a post from you!! The house is really looking amazing.

  2. Cheers Rachel. Those photos are, like, soooo last year.
    More coming soon.