Monday, February 29, 2016

Progress pics from the past

I'm procastinating on cleaning up after a day of painting, so here are a few more from the archives. I'll try to keep them dribbling through.

more pretty timber

polished to a fine finish
it feels as good as it looks too!

NE corner of bathroom gets muddy

getting plastered

but I couldnt resist using more of our tree

resin filling the cracks

which looks teh awesome with 5 coats of marine varnish. the green stuff is waterproofing compound.

trimming for the lounge windows

and some funky seats for the bedroom

I can see morning cuppas here
plastic render mesh holds the mud tight on the curves

the wonky tree...

...that keeps on giving

building inspector on the job

Buildng takes precedence but I'm enjoying sharing a few of our joys with the world. More when I make time...

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