Saturday, February 20, 2016

::Been a while??

Had a few folks asking about the blog. Well, building has taken precedence. Life has been hella busy too. We are still at it but very nearly done. It's been quite some journey but now is not the time to go into detail. Here's a few random pix from the last year or two.

window frames in
endless amounts of beads to process

one cannot have enough clamps

floor to ceilling carpet
first render in the bedroom
Doug showing me how to make doors

the first of many

and the first of the 21 opening windows...
...made by laminating 2 strips of 30x60 Spotted Gum
ya really canna have enough clamps!

It's all a lot further advanced than what you see here but I have a digital mountain of images to trawl through. I'm gunna try and drip feed some more pix over the next few days.


  1. Oh man Phil is going to get clamp envy when he sees these photos!

  2. Clamps are 2nd, 3rd, nth hands for the busy builder. I'd be lost without them.