Thursday, August 2, 2012

Raising Arizona

We have bales up. Yay.

That was 3 months ago. Boo.

Many friends and family came to help us out. Yay.

Life since has been flat out, interesting and fun. Yay.

I've struggled to find enough time to post about this. Boo.

Finally, here are at least some photos. Yay.

300 bales of wheaten straw

stacking under cover on pallets

down they come...

...and on the stack they go

we got a good system going

piling it on...

...and on


a stylish dismount Indigo

keep 'em coming

and keep on stacking

last bale off the truck

let the cubby house begin

and let the real house get it's first bale

Dave bangin one into place

Slug joins in too

it all seemed to happen quickly

Ande working hard

Dana & Jules making half bales

Karena & Dana gluing carpet to the steel (to stop condensation getting into the bale walls)

I didn't just supervise

Looking wonky

bangin in bamboo stakes to tie it all together

committe meeting fixed the wonky

looking good

a dwindling stack

even Finn got in on the action

a bit of fatherly advice

South West wall ready for compression and trimming

Jon got enough time off lining the ceilings to lay a bale or two

the leaning corner of Pisa

the boys made a killer cubby house

who gave this man a nail gun? Thanks Martin...

Alison & Dana having too much fun

Pete & Liam on the case

the calm before the storm

well, a 70 year old storm

Ma banging it into place

looks like fun
Heather and Dana plugging the gaps with loose straw and mud
East wall stacked

almost looks like a house
Many thanks to our baling crew and catering team.

Phew, that took ages to load. Next installment has compressing, trimming, gap filling, cob, mould, lime, plumbing and more. As ever, it will be on the infonerd when it's done.