Thursday, August 11, 2016

Exits and Entrances

Here's the last stage of our poo farm - the sub soil transpiration drippper pipe thingies. Try saying that quickly after a few drinks...

field B

field A

pulling pipes

and then hiding it all away

dosing syphon to alternate waste to each field

Now we got all of the backend stuff out of the way, it's time for the grand entrance to start materialising.

Old mates Biggsy carving poles while Marcus carves wires

aint never madea proper mortice and tenon joint before

kinda fun though

there's some nutso grain in these iron bark twigs (about 80kg each!!)


Of course a standard door would not do. No, we gotta go make our own out of what scraps we have left over. Mmmm, reckon we should use those old springs as hinges????

More when I next find time...