Monday, October 24, 2016

SPECIAL UPDATE: Hot off the press news

We've finally done it! Certificate of Occupacy arrived in the mail last week. We are now official , legal residents. There are few last minute finishing touches to go but we are looking at starting our moving in over the coming weekend. Just low key and the basics for now, as we have epic amounts of "stuff" to clean and sort before we put it in the shiny new palace.

shiny piece of paper on our newly oiled shiny bench top

At some point soon, I'll come back and continue the show here, bringing us all up to date. Got a few more Owner Builder articles in the pipeline too.


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Exits and Entrances

Here's the last stage of our poo farm - the sub soil transpiration drippper pipe thingies. Try saying that quickly after a few drinks...

field B

field A

pulling pipes

and then hiding it all away

dosing syphon to alternate waste to each field

Now we got all of the backend stuff out of the way, it's time for the grand entrance to start materialising.

Old mates Biggsy carving poles while Marcus carves wires

aint never madea proper mortice and tenon joint before

kinda fun though

there's some nutso grain in these iron bark twigs (about 80kg each!!)


Of course a standard door would not do. No, we gotta go make our own out of what scraps we have left over. Mmmm, reckon we should use those old springs as hinges????

More when I next find time...

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Both ends of a wet area

We be making a bathroom that will also double as a greenhouse.

so we start with GREEN waterproofing compound

and away we go

tiling takes patience

and preparation

did I mention prep? each glass tile is numbered to fit it's exact place

so that they all finish neatly at the ends

got bored tiling. built a shelf for the laundry

the grout storm before the calm

days it did take

When all is said and done, our waste will go down these expensive holes.

3200L septic tank

NO, not a swimming pool. 18m2 of bloody sand filter

jello bath??

20mm then 7mm rock

here come the magic sand.

waiting for the last geo fabric to arrive.

 And you might think that is all it takes to process waste from only twopeople. But NO. There are still 2 sub surface, dosed irrigation fields to install. And we need to get the EHO to sign off, too. More on that later.

while the plumbers plumbed, I got funky with the grinder
cos our rocks don't have straight edges

moments like these make it worthwhile...:)


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A few pics per week...

...and I might even catch up to the real timeline one day. Here's the next set:

raw shards of glass ...

... arranged into patterns ...

... become glass tiles for the bathroom

rockin bedhead needed resetting

why buy trims from the Big Green Shed?

it's heaps more fun trying to get bendy sticks to look sort of straight

a little encouragement from the right tools helps

each board takes hours to process

from this raw stock

helping hands keeping us moving along

who'd ever want smelly mdf?
these bits are for a secret portal

tile maestro at work

Enjoy folks. More fun to come some time soon.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Progress pics from the past

I'm procastinating on cleaning up after a day of painting, so here are a few more from the archives. I'll try to keep them dribbling through.

more pretty timber

polished to a fine finish
it feels as good as it looks too!

NE corner of bathroom gets muddy

getting plastered

but I couldnt resist using more of our tree

resin filling the cracks

which looks teh awesome with 5 coats of marine varnish. the green stuff is waterproofing compound.

trimming for the lounge windows

and some funky seats for the bedroom

I can see morning cuppas here
plastic render mesh holds the mud tight on the curves

the wonky tree...

...that keeps on giving

building inspector on the job

Buildng takes precedence but I'm enjoying sharing a few of our joys with the world. More when I make time...