Saturday, December 28, 2013

Blogging bludger but busy builder

It's been a bit quiet on the blog-front at bogiebushbuild. We been a bit busy building the ol' house, ya know. Also been pretty busy building community links. Busy looking after the land. Busy looking after animals. Busy bringing in the bucks. Busy resting and sleeping when not at the above. Busy bees bashing building blocks...arrrgh, enough bollocky b.b.bullshit.

sitting well in the landscape

Since last bbbroadcast we've:

...milled the big old bastard gum that had been lying around curing for 18 months...

"Hey Ben - leave your brother alone and pick up the tree instead"
Neale works his mill magic
kitchen bench - here we come

window seats to be
...completed the tank(s) installation...

30,000L of aqua

...installed the stand alone solar power system...

sub board
installing the electricity bill avoiders

...constructed and installed the solar hot water service...

this was NOT fun
...but we got there in the end

courtesy of Josh the plumber

200L of HOT aqua

...rendered the outside (first coat)...

render station
render recipe
god hates fangs :)
NW wall

SW wall
...and again

...cabled for 240V (GPOs) and for 24V (lighting)......

NOT spaghetti

I like neat wiring

flood goes here

...rendered the inside (first coat)...

bogger wall


lounge rendered (1st coat)

...and looking slick

we'll have floor to ceiling carpet thanks

...built and installed window frames (which took FOREVER)...

sexy timber

in situ

fine joinery anyone?
...acquired a few (funny to play with but useless at lawn mowing) alapacas...

these camels think that they are sheep
...acquired a gorgeous Kelpie pup...

Polly and Dana deep in conversation

...and lived a bloody good life...
ahhhhh, paradise.

Now, another festivus is upon us and we're taking a few days off the tools so I'm sharing some looooong overdue words and pix. In a day or two, we'll be back at it. Our dear council have imposed an 'end-of-May' deadline to finish off the house. Funds, sanity and health prevailing, we will get close to Cert of Occupancy by then. Maybe I'll share some more updates some day before then...:)